50 Amazing Blogger Tricks & Hacks

Posted on: April 12, 2009



Have you ever wondered how those bloggers remove the Blogger Navbar? Or how they add a Read More link in their posts?

Well in this article, I’ve post an amazing collection of 50 Amazing Blogger Tricks Hacks which are useful to bloggers using the Blogger platform.


1. Expandable Posts or Read More Hack

2. Recent Posts Widget

3. Recent Comment Widget

4. Top Commentators Widget

5. Remove Label Post Count

6. Add Page Element to Header and Blog Posts

7. Sticky Posts in Blogger

8. Add Images or Icons to Sidebar Links

9. Remove NavBar in Blogger

10. Add Scrollbars to Blog Widgets

11. Add Favicon to Blogger URL

12. Simple Search Widget

13. Wrap Adsense Ads in Post Body

14. Special Effects for Peekaboo Posts

15. Page Navigation Hack for Blogger

16. Uploading Animated .gif Image to Blogger

17. Making Pull Down Menu

18. Add “Print this” Option in your Blog

19. Speed up your Blogger Page Load Time

20. Random Background Image

21. Ratings for Posts

22. TabView Widget

23. Adding a Front Page to your Blog

24. Creating Thumbnail Pictures

25. Adding a BreadCrumb Trail to your Blog Post

26. Showing your Blogger Labels as Vertical Tabs

27. Navigation Bar

28. Add Digg Button to Blogger Post

29. Social Bookmarking Widget

30. Add Signature to your Posts

31. Add Background Music

32. Embed Comment Box Below Blogger Post

33. Remove Word Verification from Blogger Comments

34. Show Blog Post Headers In Archive

35. Disable Right Click on Blog

36. Label Cloud in your Blog

37. E-mail Icon Generator

38. Podcast in Blogger

39. Transparent Background

40. Rounded Corner Headers

41. Insert Powerpoint and PDF Files

42. Flash for Blogger

43. Author Comment Highlighting

44. Control Number of Posts in Label Pages

45. Sidebar Comments Display

46. Show Recent Referrers

47. Language Translation Widget

48. Postpone or Delay your Blog Posts Via E-mail

49. Add Clickable Pictures to your Blog

50. “Email Me” Link

51. Make your Blog DoFollow (Thanks to DoFollow Fan for the tip!)


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That was a really awesome post man! really loved going through it.. bookmarked your site and will keep checking it often. thanksa lot

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